Catalogue Formations 2017

Introduction to woven Fabrics

Durée :

1 day

Prix :

Estimate upon request

Training sessions available only on "Intra"

Publics Concernés

Sales and Trading Team
Marketing and product development manager


At the end of the training session, the trainee will be able to:
- Recognising the main fabrics
- Understanding the major manufacturing steps
- Learning the vocabulary and having the knowledge to hold a dialogue with suppliers

Méthodes pédagogiques

Alternation of multimedia presentations and concrete examples. The trainer will use numerous samples to illustrate his or her presentation.


The different fabric families
Basic definitions to understand the topic
- Wovens
- Weaves
- Jacquard
- Grey goods
- Yarn-dyed fabrics

The main manufacturing steps
- Preparation
- Weaving and different types of insertions

Fundamental weaves (incidence on the finished product)
- Cloth and related fabrics
- Twill and related fabrics
- Satin



Model making for wovens and reading professional terms

Influence of the choice of yarns on fabrics