Catalogue Formations 2017

Introduction to Textile-Apparel

Durée :

2 days

Prix :

Estimate upon request

Training sessions available only on "Intra"

Publics Concernés

Sales and Trading Team
Marketing and product development manager


At the end of the training session, the trainee will be able to:
- Mastering the Textile-Apparel network’s fundamental knowledge
- Learning the basic vocabulary to have an effective dialogue with your suppliers
- Describing articles professionally

Méthodes pédagogiques

Alternation of theoretical topics and multimedia presentations, presentation of material samples (yarns, nonwovens, fabrics, knitted fabrics, finished articles), laboratory and workshop visits (except in Paris)


Textile raw materials
- Natural or chemical, and their classification
- For what products, for what uses?
Yarns and spinning: hairy or not, their main characteristics
- Wovens (fabrics): characterisation and basic weaves
- Knitted fabrics (knits): characterisation and basic assemblies
- Nonwovens: characterisation and areas of use
- Pre-treatments, dyeing, printing
- Different finishes: on what products, for what effects?
Cut and manufacturing
- Successive steps and the influence of types of assemblies when manufacturing a product
- Equipment, manufacturing stitches
Models: the most common shapes
Labelling textile articles
- The golden rule to be followed for composition labelling
- Proper understanding and use of care symbols