Catalogue Formations 2017

Introduction to Smart Textiles

Durée :

1 day

Prix :

Estimate upon request

Training sessions available only on "Intra"

Publics Concernés

Sales and Trading Team
Business development manager, Marketing and products development manager


At the end of the training session, the trainee will be able to:
- Understanding what a smart or instrumented textile is
- Having a prospective vision of the emerging technologies applied to textile
- Knowing the short-, medium- and long-term market applications

Méthodes pédagogiques

Alternation of theoretical and practical training in the form of case studies Presentation of numerous samples Numerous videos that illustrate the applications


Smart or instrumented textiles
- Definition
- Specifications
- Market applications
- Stakes
- Major players

Presentation of case studies that cover the following points:
- Futuristic vision of a “smart” textile
- State of the art for this application
- Technological obstacles
- Possible evolutions
- Marketed products
- Potential markets and applications
- Exchanges, discussions

Scenarios in Automobile, Aeronautics, Fashion, PPE, Building, Energy, Sports and Medicine